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Application & Document Review

Do you know that if your application is returned it could add another 6 months or more to your processing time? Ah! that is not all, it could jeopardize your chances all together. What if the program requirements have changed or even closed before you resubmit the application? Let us help you to the finish line before the time runs out.


Our detailed application review process would ensure that nothing is missing and avoid your application being returned for any reason. Not only that, we would respond to any procedural fairness letter (asking for clarifications) from the reviewing officer in a professional manner. On top of that , the application review service comes with professionally prepared cover letter unique to your situation. That will make your application to stand out among the crowd.

You may also like to know that we are licensed to represent your interest in an immigration tribunal hearing. If necessary, we would file an appeal on your behalf.



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